How to Protect Assets in California

Asset protection is a type of legal planning that keeps your property safe from creditors and lawsuits. Asset protection is completely legal in California and it is important to protect assets in California, especially if you have worked hard to accumulate money and properties. An asset is something that is owned by you or something […]

Second Marriage Estate Planning Is Important

Updating an estate plan upon a second marriage is important. Second marriage estate planning ensures that if both spouses want, they can make arrangements to have their new wife or husband provided for from the assets of the estate. As always, whenever important life events happen such as marriage, divorce, when you buy a new […]

Estate Planning for Your Blended Family

Blended families can present a variety of wonderful opportunities to expand your relationships and elevate your life experiences, but they may also present some headaches in terms of your estate planning. Estate planning for your blended family is important to ensure that these valued relationships can be acknowledged as well. Rather than trying to figure […]

Naming Your Trustee

Selecting a trustee to handle your trust can is an important choice. While it may be tempting to name your best friend or family member to the task, it’s important to understand what the trustee’s job will include before naming your trustee. Person of Good Character Your Trustee should be a person of good character. […]

Responsibilities of a Personal Representative

A personal representative, or an executor, refers to an appointed individual charged with the responsibility of managing the person’s estate. This represents a huge responsibility for the executor, even for seemingly modest estates. As the personal representative, they will be required to take care of the details of finalizing the estate after you have died. […]

Choosing an Executor for your Estate

When it comes to choosing an executor for your estate plan, it may be simple to pick someone from amongst your family members and friends for the task. Broadly speaking, any of those individuals could be capable of doing the job. But because the task of executing an estate plan can present a variety of […]

Reasons to Update My Estate Plan

For many people, the idea of creating an estate plan may be a “one and done” situation: they create the plan, then they put it aside and think no more about the subject. But there are reasons to update an estate plan you may want to consider. Life brings changes, and because those changes can […]

Estate Planning for Unmarried Couples

Estate planning tends to be something most people associate with married couples. But unmarried committed couples are very common in today’s society. There may be reasons a couple chooses not to marry but still want to insure their beloved is provided for. Estate planning for unmarried couples is just as important therefore as for married […]

Estate Planning After Divorce

Life changes and so should estate plans. A divorce creates a substantial life change for both individuals. After the final judgment of divorce has been issued, it’s also important to consider new estate planning after divorce. Normally couples have designated their spouse as a beneficiary but after the divorce, this usually no longer makes sense. […]

What is the Power of Attorney?

Simply put, the power of attorney is a document you would create which grants an individual you designate the power to act with authority on your behalf. It is a common part of a well-designed estate plan. Also referred to as an “agent,” that individual that you have designated with the power of attorney has […]