Intangible Assets - Research

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Intangible Assets - Research

In today’s knowledge-based economy, the intellectual property and intangible assets you’ve created, such as Research, can be tremendously valuable. Properly protecting and managing this work is critical for those who have invested time and resources into research activities.

What Counts as “Research”?

Research as an intangible asset constitutes any systematic investigation or experiment aiming to establish facts, discover knowledge, or obtain solutions to problems. Some examples of valuable research and intellectual property (IP) that should be protected include:

● Scientific studies and data

● Experimental processes or methodologies

● Technical designs and prototypes

● Software code and algorithms

● Academic writings and publications

● Market analyses and business intelligence

Even preliminary work or negative findings from research endeavors can be intangible assets with future value that an individual or business owner should take steps to safeguard.

The Risks of Not Protecting Your Research

There are significant legal and financial consequences if you don’t properly safeguard proprietary research as an intangible asset:

Loss of Ownership/Control

Without formal legal measures, others could attempt to use, profit from, or claim ownership over your original research without permission.

Inability to Monetize

Unprotected research has little to no commercial value, as it can be easily misappropriated. Securing ownership ensures you maintain control over any future licensing or sale.

Infringement Liability

You could face infringement claims if your unlicensed research inadvertently overlaps with patents, copyrights, or trade secrets held by others.

Competitive Disadvantage

Your unique research represents a competitive edge that gets neutralized if rivals can freely access and exploit it before you do.

Preserving Research Value with the Right Legal Strategy

Often, protecting intangible assets such as research requires various approaches:

● Patents for novel inventions, designs, processes, or methods

● Copyrights for written reports and data compilations

● Trademarks for branding unique techniques or solutions

● Trade secrets for internal know-how and unpublished findings

● Non-disclosure and non-compete contracts with employees/contractors

Because correctly implementing this complex mix of legal safeguards can be challenging, it’s best to utilize the expertise of an experienced intellectual property attorney, such as the Law Office of Andrew Fesler.

Let Andrew Fesler Secure Your Intangible Wealth and Intellectual Property

With a comprehensive understanding of research-driven endeavors and robust law proficiency, Andrew Fesler meticulously safeguards the full scope of your tangible and intangible innovation assets.

Our office works closely with individuals, companies, and institutions to inventory all forms of intellectual property arising from their research activities. We then develop finely tuned legal strategies to shield intellectual property through tailored patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret protections.

Whether for an academic laboratory, product development firm, consulting practice, or individual IP portfolio, the Law Office of Andrew Fesler provides the comprehensive legal representation needed to preserve your invaluable research achievements and intellectual capital.

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