Advanced Healthcare Directives: Planning for Future Healthcare Decisions

Filling Living Will Advanced healthcare Directive Form

None of us likes to think about a situation where we could become incapacitated and unable to make decisions about our own healthcare. However, setting up legal documentation through advanced healthcare directives is the best way to ensure your medical wishes are followed if you can’t make decisions for yourself. With a proper healthcare directive […]

Incorporating Philanthropy in Estate Plan

couple discussing about philanthropy and estate planning

While the primary motivation is often an altruistic desire to simply give back, there are also numerous potential financial benefits to incorporating philanthropy in estate plan, such as: Tax Advantages Charitable donations can provide significant income, gift, and estate tax deductions. This allows you to redirect a portion of assets you’d otherwise pay in taxes […]

High-Net-Worth Estate Planning in Carlsbad

estate planning lawyer with couples discussing about estate planning

If you have significant wealth, you understand the importance of protecting those hard-earned assets through careful planning and strategic decision-making. This security extends beyond just your current financial situation – proactive high-net-worth estate planning is critical to safeguard your legacy.  As a high-net-worth resident of Carlsbad, California, you face a complex web of federal and […]

Handling Carlsbad’s Complex Estates

Administering an estate can be daunting, especially when it involves complex financial arrangements, multiple beneficiaries, and intricate legal considerations. In Carlsbad, California, where property values have skyrocketed recently, navigating the challenges of complex estates has become increasingly crucial for families and legal professionals alike.  Navigating the Challenges Within the California Estate Market One of the […]

Navigating Digital Assets in Your Estate Plan

In today’s digital age, the essence of personal and financial life increasingly resides in the digital realm. From social media accounts and digital photos to cryptocurrencies and electronic banking information, our digital assets form a significant portion of our legacy. As the Law Office of Andrew Fesler in Carlsbad, we recognize the evolving nature of […]

Navigating Estate Tax Implications in Carlsbad

Understanding the intricacies of estate tax implications is a critical aspect of estate planning, especially in Carlsbad, California. The Law Office of Andrew Fesler is dedicated to assisting clients in navigating these often complex legal waters. This blog post will highlight key areas of California law that impact estate taxes and demonstrate how a local […]

Estate Planning with Charitable Giving in Carlsbad

Today, we’re delving into an important and often overlooked aspect of estate planning: Charitable Giving. When it comes to planning your estate, incorporating charitable contributions is not only a noble endeavor but can also be a strategic financial decision. As Carlsbad estate planning attorneys, we are well-versed in California laws and local nuances, and we’re […]


Carlsbad Trust attorney Andrew Fesler discusses the benefits of an estate planning attorney. As a leading attorney in Carlsbad, California, he specializes in estate administration and probate, trust administration, advance directives, business succession planning, and all aspects of estate planning. To learn more about how an estate planning attorney can help you, contact the Law […]

We Have Moved to a New Location: Law Office of Andrew Fesler

Hello to all our esteemed clients and friends! We are thrilled to announce that the Law Office of Andrew Fesler has relocated to a new address: 5780 Fleet St., #308, Carlsbad, CA 92008. This move marks a significant milestone in our journey of providing dedicated legal services. Reflecting on Our Journey Our old office at […]