What is a Special Needs Trust in California?

If you have a child with special needs, it is critical to create a comprehensive estate plan that includes providing for their future financial needs. A special needs trust is one tool that you should consider adding to your estate plan. Carlsbad estate planning attorney Andrew Fesler gets into the topic of a this important […]

Carlsbad Estate Planning Lawyer Talks About Errors a Trustee Can Make

Hopefully, your Carlsbad estate planning lawyer has included a trust in your California estate plan. Carlsbad estate planning lawywer Andrew Fesler has been setting up trusts for many years and he has seen that with the right planning and the right attorney, mistakes can be avoided. One way is to understand what a trustee is […]

Who Can Dissolve a Revocable Trust?

As the name suggests, a revocable trust can be dissolved or revoked at any time. But by who is important. The only person who has the ability to dissolve a revocable trust is the person who created it in the first place. The formal term for the person who creates the trust is the “settlor. […]

Benefits of a Revocable Trust in California

Revocable trusts present an excellent strategy for handling the assets in your estate plan. The benefits of a revocable trust are numerous and in California, the most common way to distribute assets instead of using a will. In California, probate can be a long, expensive, and public process. A revocable trust is an estate planning […]

Naming Your Trustee

Selecting a trustee to handle your trust can is an important choice. While it may be tempting to name your best friend or family member to the task, it’s important to understand what the trustee’s job will include before naming your trustee. Person of Good Character Your Trustee should be a person of good character. […]

What is a Successor Trustee

A successor trustee refers to a person, or persons, tasked with managing and administering the terms of a trust when the trust’s creator called the grantor, can no longer administer the trust on their own. While that can refer to situations where the grantor has passed on, it can also apply to situations when the […]

What Types of Trusts Are There?

When it comes to estate planning, trusts present a variety of options to help individuals manage their assets and funds for the beneficiaries. There are various types of trusts with a revocable trust being the most common.   Trusts are used to avoid assets from the probate process thereby ensuring the named beneficiaries receive those […]