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Carlsbad Estate Planning Attorney

The Law Offices of Andrew Fesler offers more than 20 years of experience living providing the very best in local estate planning.

Everybody can benefit from estate planning, no matter their financial status. Whether you’ve got a huge estate that can be distributed to multiple beneficiaries or you want to ensure your children and pets end up with the preferred guardians, it’s important to create an estate plan that specifically communicates your wishes while offering every legal protection and guarantee for the assets and beneficiaries.

Estate Planning Starts with You

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to wait until your golden years to start planning for your beneficiaries. You can start creating your estate plan as soon as you want. It doesn’t hurt to plan ahead as you acquire assets.

Aside from the legal protections that come with solid estate planning, starting early affords you the chance to play a more active role in your estate as you grow older. As milestones happen – lucrative job, new home, marriage, children – a well thought-out plan can protect assets and provide for loved ones.

Life happens, which means the estate plan you created a year ago may no longer be valid. You may have gotten married or divorced, lost a person named as a beneficiary, gained someone new you want to be named as a beneficiary, or changed your mind about a specific use of an asset.

By taking the time to meet with Andrew Fesler, a top Carlsbad estate planning attorney, you can start an estate plan that addresses your current  needs and desires while developing a relationship. Your attorney can help and advise you as you address life changes as they occur.

Avoiding Certain Challenges

Making use of certain estate plan options, such as trusts, help ensure specific assets don’t get reassigned to different beneficiaries during the probate process. By placing certain assets in trusts or naming specific beneficiaries, your assets will be better protected against ending up with debt collectors or unintended beneficiaries.

Tax Benefits

Trusts in particular present opportunities for you to benefit from tax breaks during your lifetime, as the assets placed in a trust might provide tax exemptions.

Stress Reduction

Half of the problems associated with big life challenges, such as buying a home or creating an estate plan, tend to occur because a person doesn’t know how to start or what should be included. By working with  Andrew Fesler, you’ll know better how to plan and avoid being overwhelmed by decisions.  Starting a plan with a professional estate planning attorney can go a long way to ensuring your final wishes will be honored after you’re gone.

Estate Verification

Depending on your specific needs, it’s possible multiple parties will make specific claims regarding your assets once you’ve left. Early estate planning helps to save time during the probate process by providing a legally certified plan, created by you, that will override any false or spurious claims to your assets. Asset distribution can be a sensitive and emotionally-charged affair, but a good estate plan can help end any arguments before they start.

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