Finding the Best Estate Planning Attorney in Carlsbad

Nestled along the Pacific coastline of California is the picturesque city of Carlsbad, a place best known for its charming beaches, vibrant flower fields, and serene lagoons. But beyond its natural beauty, Carlsbad offers its residents top-notch services in various fields, one of which is estate planning. If you’re a Carlsbad resident or living in […]

Including Your Significant Other in Estate Planning

Estate planning is often associated with preparing for the unforeseen after our time on this Earth. But as we grow, change, and form deep bonds with those we love, it’s crucial to ensure that our significant others are appropriately included in these plans. After all, they are the ones who are intimately woven into the […]


Carlsbad Trust attorney, Andrew Fesler, gives insight into creating a trust package, what is meant by that, and some of the ways to accomplish this. As a leading attorney in Carlsbad, California, he specializes in estate administration and probate, trust administration, advance directives, business succession planning, and all aspects of estate planning, including setting up a […]

Am I Required to Leave My Estate to My Children in California?

The question of children’s inheritance in California is a complex one, with a range of legal, financial, and personal considerations. Estate planning is a crucial aspect of preparing for the future, and understanding the laws and regulations surrounding it is essential to making informed decisions. While California does not mandate that you leave your estate […]

Estate Planning for Blended Families -What to Consider

Blended families often grapple with a variety of concerns, including inheritance and financial planning. Good estate planning for blended families works to ensure fair distribution of assets among all children and spouses. Expert legal guidance is crucial to navigate complexities and avoid potential conflicts. In the Carlsbad area, Carlsbad estate planning attorney Andrew Fesler is […]

What is Trust Administration?

Trust administration refers to the management of a trust and any documentation associated with the trust such as tax documents, listing of beneficiaries named in the trust, and certified copies of the settlor’s death certificate. Who is Responsible For Trust Administration in Carlsbad? The trustee named in the trust document is responsible for administering the […]

How To Update Estate Plan When Marrying Again

Remarriage is fairly common in the United States, with of all divorced people aged 25 and over, 55% ofmen and 44% of women have remarried. You should update your Carlsbad estate plan every time you go through a major life event, including marriage. If you need to update your estate plan when marrying again, contact […]

Tax Benefits of Using a Revocable Trust in California

Many people are drawn to trusts after hearing they can provide tax benefits. However, it is critical to understand that the tax benefits of a trust vary depending on the type of trust you create. Revocable trusts, one of the most common types of trusts in California, provide no income or estate tax benefits. If […]


Andrew Fesler, a leading Carlsbad estate planning lawyer, reviews why you need to “fund a trust”- what does that mean and why is it necessary. Transcript: ” Because a trust is an entity unto itself that the client is creating, the trust needs to actually own all of the assets that the client wants it […]

What is an Asset?

One of the first steps when creating an estate in Carlsbad is to list your assets. An asset is anything you own that holds monetary value. Some common examples of assets include your home, car, bank accounts, stocks, and retirement plans. Estate planning attorney Andrew Fesler can help you identify and understand your assets. He […]