Estate Planning Attorney Near Me

Estate Planning Attorney Near Me

If you’re searching for an “estate planning attorney near me” you’ve already made the first step to creating an estate plan.

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When looking for an experienced estate planning attorney, consider a few key things in your search.

All Ages Welcome

The chief thing to keep in mind with estate planning is you can begin to think about your future at any time in your adult life. Sometimes people believe they have to be a certain age or have attained a magic number of assets, funds, or possessions before looking to create an estate plan.

That’s not true.  You could start making a legally recognized estate plan when you’re 18 years old.  In general, most people begin creating an estate plan as they begin to accumulate assets. A good estate plan allows you to protect and grow assets and make a plan to provide for beneficiaries.

Start Planning

When you meet with an estate planning attorney, you will likely have thought about who might benefit by inheriting your assets. But an experienced estate planning attorney, like Andrew Fesler, will guide you in how to decide on a plan and why.  You may even consider charitable organizations that you support and not necessarily an individual. You will want to update your estate plan at the time of any major life changes like buying a home or getting married, or having children. You will want to think about who gets what, and how specific assets should be handled, and do your best to clearly designate beneficiaries.

For example, if you wish to name your cousin Susan as the beneficiary of a certain personal item like a ring, make sure the estate plan designates that specifically. Be clear to ensure no problems or arguments after your passing.

Remember you can and likely should change beneficiaries over the course of your life. For example, you may have designated your spouse as a beneficiary but after a divorce, that no longer may make sense and you will want to update your estate plan to reflect your new status. 

Personal Touch

It is important to seek out an estate planning attorney that you feel can best represent your specific estate wishes.

In other words, when looking for an estate attorney, it’s wise not to assume that any estate attorney will do. Your plan has to be crafted to your specific needs, which means you need an estate attorney who will listen and have the expertise to advise and guide you.

Regardless of the size of your estate, you want an attorney who will provide the care and attention you need. Over time, you want to develop a relationship you can trust.

Promptness and Professionalism

An experienced and competent estate attorney should be able to answer any question or concern you have within an acceptable time frame.  Peace of mind is important and having an attorney who understands your goals and needs can help design an estate plan to meet those goals and needs.

Want to learn more about finding an estate attorney near you? To learn more, contact the Law Office of Andrew Fesler today.

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